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Social season is in full-swing here with events almost every night this week with no sign of slowing down – just…

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A Worldwide Love

Fashion is fun!

Sometimes it’s nice to just forget about the worries of everyday life and think about clothes, isn’t it? Because clothes just make us feel good!

Nowadays, fashion guidelines are pretty liberal. We don’t have to have one length of skirt or one shape of pant leg in order to be in style. Modern fashion fully embraces the “variety is the spice of life” mentality. It’s great that we get to live in such a time period!

Tracking the Fashion World

Since clothing requirements change with the seasons, fashion events that introduce the latest trends follow that schedule also. Most fashion shows happen twice a year: in the fall to introduce next spring and summer’s fashions and in the spring to introduce next fall and winter’s styles.

Our very own LA Fashion week happens in March and October and includes specific fashion events like:
• Style Fashion Week—the premier event of LA Fashion Week.
• Project Ethos—an event that focuses on bringing attention to emerging designers.
• Los Angeles Fashion Council—where insiders build an infrastructure of support for the industry as a whole.
• Concept—the most avant garde meeting of art and fashion.
• Africa Fashion Week—now expanded to include African art, a celebration of ethnic designs.
• Men’s Fashion Week—a showcase focused on men’s fashion. One of the biggest in the world!

Pretty cool list, right? These hot events are going on all over our lovely city twice a year!

What About Outside of LA?

Several major cities in the U.S. have their own fashion weeks (most notably New York but also Pittsburgh, Dallas, Miami, Cleveland, and Detroit). Of course, there’s the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that promotes not only their goodies but their once-a-year million dollar (or more) specialty designer bra as well. And let’s not forget the value of promoting their angels.

BET puts on Rip the Runway each year, Macy’s puts on Glamorama, and Mercedes-Benz puts on their own fashion week in Miami in addition to Miami’s show.

If you are going to be traveling to one of these areas, check to see if one of these fashion events will be going on while you’re there. What a fun thing to see!

Worldwide Events

Click here to see a staggering list of fashion events that happen worldwide. I mean, wow!

There are even some events that we didn’t realize existed:
• Reykjavik Fashion Festival in Iceland (see picture above)
• Kazakhstan Fashion Week (see picture above)
• Alaska Fashion Week.

Proof Positive

Fashion is universal. Women everywhere want to dress and feel beautiful, and t’s nice that there is this common link between all women.

Enjoy fashion, and always remember to find beauty in the women around you!