Rain Boots – LA Style

IMG_7302These foggy mornings are the closest we’ve come to rain in awhile so they are my only chance to rock my favorite rubber boots.  I’ve got quite a collection that I hardly ever get the chance to wear…

IMG_6647 cropIMG_6593The DKNY x Veuve Cliquot ones are my latest acquisition and current favorite.  The bag that looks like an umbrella case in the first picture is actually a champagne bag and the handle is a botttle stopper that supposedly keeps the champagne from going flat for up to a week.  Last summer we had a long layover in Heathrow and the Veuve Cliquot people were giving away these bags with a purchase of a bottle at one of the duty-free shops!

IMG_7325Can you see the xoxo on my nails? My boyfriend did this for me using the new Revlon nail art polish that comes with a fine tip brush.  I’ve been working on doing my own nails lately and I hope that with practice I’ll be able to do as well as the salons.  The cuticles are the most challenging part for me!

IMG_7346I’m in my final countdown to getting my braces removed and I can hardly wait – only 19 days to go!