That Girl

IMG_7432IMG_7423You may have noticed that I’m quite a vintage shopper.  Between Estate/Garage sales and thrift shops I have amassed a sizeable collection of interesting wardrobe items.  This dress and cape combo is one of my latest finds and I’m crazy about it! It reminds me so much of something that Marlo Thomas would have worn in ‘That Girl’.  I paired it with Steve Madden heels and a vintage frame bag that my dear friend Coco picked up at a collectible shop in Connecticut a few years ago.

IMG_7446IMG_7443I love that this is in such great condition.  It’s previous owner must have taken very good care of it for the past 40 years or so!  We took a ton of pictures this weekend of my vintage dresses and suits and I’d like to devote this week to sharing these dressier pieces with you.  There are so many beautiful and timeless dressy pieces at the thrift stores that are reasonably priced and in excellent condition – usually needing little more than a dry clean and some minor alterations.  I like to pick up these gems when I come across them so they’re ready for special occasions.

IMG_7448Did you notice Elke in some of these pics? Does she look any bigger? She’s a little underweight so I’ve been trying all sorts of things to make her more interested in eating lately – hard to imagine with a big dog – she’s just not that excited about food! My latest trick is to mix some chopped liver (ick) in with her dry kibble and that seems to be working so hopefully she’ll start filling out soon.

I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend and your week is off to a great start.  We’re starting to show the house this week and we’ve been working to get everything ready.