San Francisco Knows How to Party

IMG_9472I’m back home from my Bay to Breakers weekend up in SF! This was my second year participating in this 7.1 mile race and I’m already planning my outfit for next year.  Last year they officially banned nudity for the first time in the race’s 102 year history but I think that brought out more nudists than ever.  I had a hard time finding shots to share with you that didn’t have nude runners in them!


IMG_9504The hardest part of the race was the big Hayes Street hill but there were dance parties and bands along the way to help us through.

IMG_9768IMG_9783I fell in love with this city all over again.  I feel lucky to have grown up in the bay area – a free spirited place that celebrates diversity and freedom of thought and expression.  I especially loved that the onlookers dressed for the occasion to show their support:

IMG_9482IMG_9794That Mona Lisa guy was one of my favorites!


IMG_0021In spite of all the fun, I was really happy to see the finish line and go back to my hotel and relax before hitting some of my favorite SF spots.  I had the most amazing Italian food on this visit and was able to get to my favorite Irish Coffee bar two nights in a row – I can’t wait to share more pictures tomorrow!