The Buena Vista

2This past weekend in San Francisco was so much fun.  In addition to our 7.1 mile Bay to Breakers race we also had time to visit one of my favorite SF spots – The Buena Vista!


This place holds so many fun memories for me.  My dad took me there for the first time when I was 21 and we had their signature Irish Coffee and he said ‘Every great night ends up at The Buena Vista’.  If you’ve never been there,  you absolutely must go next time you’re in SF.  A few years back I decided to recreate their Irish Coffee recipe at home – I even make my own whipped cream and use the same Irish whiskey they use there.

4This place is always packed but somehow you can always find a seat at one of their communal tables.  The crazy thing about this place is that no matter where you sit, you end up meeting the nicest, most interesting people – every single time! There is always a fun mix of locals and tourists at the Buena Vista.  One time last year my boyfriend and I sat with some sweet German flight attendants and one of them recognized us from a Lufthansa flight the previous year!

3There is something about sitting there with an Irish Coffee and looking out over the bay that makes people open up and share their stories and that’s one of my favorite things about this magical place.

12I still haven’t found a place quite like the Buena Vista here in LA.  What about you? Do you have any special restaurants or bars in your hometown that you miss?