Stripey Skirt

IMG_2732IMG_2743IMG_2708I bought this Me and Blue skirt last summer right before our big trip to France (I wasn’t blogging yet but wish I had been… we flew to Paris for a few days then rented a car and went to a friends’ wedding reception near Toulouse then took the train down to stay in Nice and visited Cannes and Monaco) and I wore it a billion times on that trip and a billion more since.  I almost didn’t buy it because I thought the tiers were a little much for me but my sweet friend Coco convinced me to get it and I’m so glad I did.  It doubles as a great mid-length dress and I can wear it as a high-waist skirt – as I did in this weekend – or fold it over to sit at the hip.

IMG_2777This time I wore it with a thrifted Tommy Hilfiger shirt,  Yosi Samra pony hair and patent flats plus Juicy sunnies and my lucky wishbone necklace c/o Katie Dean Jewelry.

IMG_2723Being a little under-the-weather this past week forced me to get some much needed rest (I even opted-out of a Blogger Bellini Brunch!) and now I’m feeling back to my old self and ready to enjoy all the fun, summery things that LA has to offer.  I hope you had a lovely weekend and are making the very most of your summer!


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