A Little Under The Weather

1(2)I’ve been a little under-the-weather this week and this beautiful shot of Amanda Seyfried (from the August issue of Elle) really sums up how I’m feeling.  When I’m not feeling well I seek the comfort of my bed and a big fur coat.  I love this shot of Marilyn… My sentiments, exactly

2(2)I know we’re right in the middle of summer and I’ve been lamenting how fast it’s been going but the thought of snuggling up in furs has got me looking forward to chillier days.

3(2)This shot of Kate Moss is perfection! I definitely need to rock more black and white this year.  The Olsen’s always inspire me…

4(2)5(3)Do you remember when I found this great fur at an estate sale earlier this year?

IMG_4126I think this is going to be my uniform this winter:

6(2)Looking at all of these furs is perking me up a bit! I hope you’re having a great week and maybe starting to get a teensy bit excited for cool-weather clothes, too.


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