Wine Tasting Dinner with Vine Vera

wine tasting, vine vera, currently crushingLast night I attended a wine tasting dinner on the patio of Sadie Kitchen and Lounge in Hollywood as the guest of luxury skincare line Vine Vera.  This fantastic dinner was hosted by the new Wonder Woman, actress Gal Gadot



currently crushing, gal gadot, vine veracurrently crushing, gal gadot, vine veraGal is so sweet and personable and I loved learning more about her favorite skincare line, Vine Vera.  Each course of our tasting menu and wine pairing was carefully planned to reflect the unique ingredients in this amazing line of products.

j(2)i(4)h(4)I loved their use of edible flowers in several of our courses – an idea I’ll have to nab for my entertaining this Spring.

f(3)c(3)My favorite part of most meals is dessert and this one didn’t disappoint – two dessert courses accompanied by perfect wine choices.  This was such an indulgent way to learn more about Vine Vera’s advances in skincare.  I was thrilled to leave with two of the Vine Vera products and can’t wait to try them this weekend.

a(4) This has been another action-packed week with events and that overnight trip to San Francisco plus we’re in ‘crunch time’ on the home remodel with choosing bathroom tile and kitchen appliances.  Not to mention the excitement of next weekend’s LuckyFABB conference here in LA!  My sweet NYC blogger friend Melissa of Missy on Madison will be staying with me next week for the conference and I can’t wait to show her around town!  I hope you have a lovely weekend planned xoxo