Winter Weather Skincare

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Winter Weather Skincare from Vaseline and Target

I’m back home from freezing NYC where I learned about Winter weather dryness firsthand. My ‘California girl’ idea of dry, Winter skin was nothing compared to what my skin actually faced on a daily basis out there for the past week and a half! Between freezing cold temps, icy winds and then sleeping with the heater cranked up to 80 degrees in my hotel room, my skin didn’t stand a chance. Fortunately, I was sent a tube of Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum to review and it arrived just in time for my trip to NYFW and was definitely a lifesaver for my skin.

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Let’s face it; Winter means dry skin. Luckily the new Vaseline body serum trio packs a lot of healing power into a little bottle. They’re the first Vaseline moisturizing body serum designed to repair dry skin. With 3 different serums, all with 10 times the healing power (moisturizes to visibly heal dry skin by 10x over time), my dry skin doesn’t stand a chance. Here’s a run down of each new Vaseline body serum: Deep Repair moisturizes deeply to heal rough skin, Radiant Restore heals and moisturizes dry, dull skin that needs to be restored and Advance Relief calms and heals severely dry skin.

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