Zooby Zooby Zoo

IMG_8821This sweater is one of my finds from the Wildfox sample sale last week and I’m crazy about it- it’s a size XS but is still so slouchy and full – I love it! I’m wearing it with that thrifted ‘Express’ skirt that I wear so much and THESE SHOES!!!!

IMG_8797I am calling these my Miracle Shoes because they are about a size and a half too small for me but by some miracle… they fit!! On my way to the Linea Pelle visit and Wildfox sample sale last Friday I stopped by an Estate Sale in Los Feliz and found these fly Christian Dior loafers and knew that they were way too small for me but I bought them anyway – I didn’t try them on because I knew there was no way they would fit and I didn’t want to feel sad and then leave them there.  So I bought them in spite of their tiny size and went on to Linea Pelle and Wildfox then had lunch downtown with my boyfriend and when we got home I put on this Zooby Zooby Zoo sweater with my skirt and in the privacy of my bedroom I tried on one of the loafers and it fit!! They are still pretty snug but they’ll be fine in small doses.  I’m so glad I got them.