Al Gelato

photo(86)In addition to all of my thrift shopping and shoe hoarding and the fashion stuff that I love so much, I’m quite an eater.  I live for food – especially Italian.  This past weekend we worked so hard cleaning out our garage and preparing for the big move that we decided to take a break and treat ourselves to my absolute favorite Italian place: Al Gelato!!!

photo(91)From the outside it looks like a small dessert spot but don’t let that fool you – Al Gelato has the most amazing food ever.  I visited Italy a few years back and the food was good but nothing like this place!

photo(85)photo(90)This is the view from my favorite table:

photo(84)Can you believe the size of those cakes and pies? I always get the ‘Coffee Crunch’ gelato – it’s so good that I’m completely spoiled by it and rarely even try gelato anywhere else.

photo(87)Saturday night my boyfriend decided to take the plunge and try a slice of their apple pie.  They sell the entire pie for $100 and it weighs 30 pounds or you can get a slice for around $8.

photo(89)Our slice was warmed up, drizzled with caramel sauce and served with vanilla gelato and fresh whipped cream.

photo(88)One of the things I’m most looking forward to about the new house is being closer to ‘city life’ and places like Al Gelato.