IMG_9214IMG_9178IMG_9207Good morning! Today I’m headed out to the Clover Canyon sample sale in downtown LA.  I was able to find these cool Clover Canyon pants on Poshmark last week and luckily they’re a perfect fit.  I’ve been finding such great things on there lately! I’ve been admiring Clover Canyon for awhile so I’m really excited to visit their sample sale which is going on today and tomorrow at 834 S. Broadway.

photo(26)I’m crazy about their colorful prints! I’m also wearing a vintage, thrifted pair of Dingo boots,  sweatshirt from Cafe Press plus that leather studded wrap bracelet from Linea Pelle. I’ll be sure to share pictures of my finds from today!!

IMG_9203IMG_9189I’m so tickled with these pants.  I also just realized that the thrift store tags are still on the bottom of my boots! Hope you’re having a wonderful week…