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NY Fashion Week

Twice a year, in spring and fall, many cities around the world have their own fashion week. During these hallowed occasions, the following season’s designs, colors, textures, and pairings are unveiled.

New York Fashion Week was held in February 2014 and showed us the hottest upcoming trends for fall.

Want to know what the New York Fashion Week trends for this fall are?

Read on!

Outerwear Galore!

Fall and winter 2014 fashions emphasize outerwear. Bomber jackets, puffy coats, capes, and scarves—we are going to be seriously warm for the next couple seasons!

Fake fur showed up in full coats, wraps, collars, and more. Most of the colors were subtle hues, but some had been dyed to create bright color patterns.

Shearling was popular as well, and made itself seen in long and short vests, coats, and even a few pair of pants.


Plaid played a huge role in the New York Fashion Week trends that were set. It showed up in everything from traditional sweaters to strapless dresses. Of course, there were plaid skirts and suit jackets along with the ubiquitous plaid overcoats.

Regardless of the heavy look of plaid, the fabrics weren’t all warm. Some were wispy and feminine—like the Ralph Lauren outfit pictured here—allowing us to indulge in our tartan tendencies even on warmer days.

Bulky Knits

New York fashion styles also included bulky sweaters everywhere we turned. Chunky weaves and matching scarves will keep us all cozy no matter how Mother Nature acts.

Some sweaters were straight tunics, and some had bottom bands for shaping. For bulky knits, it was the weave that was important, rather than the lines.

If you shop at J. Crew, your basic, pullover sweater will have a cool color fade to it. And if you are an Alexander Wang fan, you’ll likely find that your slubby sweater has leather elements on it.

Feather Trim

This fall and winter, expect to see feather trim everywhere floofing up skirts, trailing off of scarves and collars, and fluttering off of boots. There were even a few entire wraps and jackets made of feathers. Wouldn’t those be fun to wear?

Skirt Lengths

Last season, a very ladylike tea length skirt with a crisp waistband and some graceful fullness was the thing to wear.

Skirts this fall and winter maintain their modest lines with the majority falling from below the knee to above the ankles.


The seasonal color palette developed and displayed in New York fashion showrooms is always fascinating to study.

This season, neutrals will include shades of aluminum and cognac. Orchid hangs on from last season and brings its paler cousin mauve to visit. Brights include royal and cobalt blue, aurora red, and sangria. Mid-tones include a warm, rich yellow and a deep cypress green that showed up nearly everywhere on the runway.

The world over, people admire New York Fashion Week trends. The designers always breathe chic bravery into their designs daring us to like the unusual.

Enjoy this upcoming season. It’s going to be stunning!